Tuesday, October 24, 2006

TV Episodes on Web

It amazes me that the networks have not fully embraced the timeshift mentality of thier current viewers. ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX have decent coverage of their prime time shows which you are able to watch on the web but you would think they would have more of a selection from the rest of the day.

CBS seems to have outpaced the other networks with their selection and the quality of the feed.
I routinely have issues trying to watch anything on the ABC and NBC feeds. As for FOX, they have currently elected to use MySpace.com to host a selection of shows. I am not to convinced that this is a wise move on their part with the rep MySpace gets.

I wish the networks would round out their selections with more news and sports programs.

And come on networks - up the video stream quality - I would rather buffer a bit longer in the beginning and get a better feed rather than watch crap the whole time.

ABC: http://dynamic.abc.go.com/streamin
NBC: http://www.nbc.com/Video/rewind
CBS: http://innertube.cbs.com
FOX: http://myspace.com/FOX

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