Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Query and Reset Terminal Services Sessions Remotely

My users routinely abandon RDP sessions and i am locked out from getting into the server...I could use another server to check the status of the first one. As long as the logged in user has administrative rights on the non-accessible machine we can do this:

qwinsta /server:servername


> qwinsta /server:Blackjack
console 0 Conn wdcon
rdp-tcp 65536 Listen rdpwd
rdp-tcp#70 Tim 1 Active rdpwd
rdp-tcp#75 Ron 2 Discon rdpwd

Ron's session is disconnection as the status tells us. To terminate Ron's session I would type this:

rwinsta /server:Blackjack 2

The commands stand for:

qwinsta = Query WINdows STAtion
rwinsta = Reset WINdows STAtion

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