Thursday, August 16, 2007

How to filter a SharePoint list or library by workflow (approval) status

Interesting article on workflow approval status filtering.

Recently I had a client who wanted to show only "Approved" documents (i.e. documents that had been through the built-in Approval workflow) on a site's home page. When I tried to set up the filter, setting the [Workflow Status] field to Approved, the filter returned no results. As it turns out, workflow status is stored as a numeric value.

The values are as follows:
In Progress - 2

Complete - 5

Canceled - 15

Approved - 16

Rejected - 17

The view filter needs to look like this:


  1. Excellent find dude. Keep such posts coming in.

    Thanks a ton,


  2. This works great to show approved documents.

    What I found is
    1. Document Version 1 - is approved and shows in the view

    2. Document is changed and now becomes Document Version 2 - is in the Workflow process

    3. This view shows Document Version 2 - before it is approved. I should still only see the document that is approved - however, this is not the case, I see the unapproved version.

    How do I get Document Version 2 to not be shown in this view until it is approved?

  3. I cannot believe this is still the case in SharePoint 2010!!!

    Thanks very much for posting this!

  4. Even after all these years, this post is still valid! Thanks for solving a mystery!