Monday, August 20, 2007

Searching SharePoint Sites from the IE7 Search Bar

Another great article by Tony Zink...this is a great idea for corporate intranets using IE7 and SPSS 2007.
Article excerpt:
Searching SharePoint Sites from the IE7 Search Bar

For those of you who have made the upgrade to Internet Explorer 7 (IE7), you probably have some likes and dislikes regarding the tabbed browsing feature, new security features, and the menus / toolbars / buttons layout. One of the interesting new features, however, is the search bar, which allows you to use a number of search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Windows Live Search… without the need to navigate directly to their sites.

But what about your corporate intranet… more specifically, what about your SharePoint environment? IE7 not only allows you to select from a list of major search engines, but it also allows you to add your own search provider. Since SharePoint has an internal search engine, why not add that to our list of IE7 search providers, making it easier for us to search for organizational artifacts… right from our IE7 search bar?

Here's how…Searching SharePoint Sites from the IE7 Search Bar

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