Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Custom 404 Error Page for WSS v3 and MOSS 2007

Ran across this article on configuring WSS v3 or MOSS 2007 to use a custom error page.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

I'm going to MindSharp SharePoint Administrator Training

Well I just got confirmation I will be attending a week of private SharePoint Administrator training with the folks from MindSharp. This should be a very interesting week and I hope to learn a ton about the nuances of being an admin for SharePoint. Next up....Developer training. If you have been fortunate enough to attend one of their training sessions, please leave me a comment on your overall thoughts about it.

Check out their public course syllabus.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

My Pirate Name

Take the quiz...
What was your pirate name? Leave me a comment and let me know.

List Calculated Columns and Reserved Columns

I am in a bit of a MOSS 2007 research mode again. I have bee tasked with creating a report system that will keep track of when a senior official is on vacation or a business trip. Great - we found the Microsoft Attendance and Absence template and it basically has everything I need in it. But wait...The calendar view leaves something to be desired. We want to show the user - Leave type - and where to on the calendar.

My first thought was calculated field based on other columns in the list. We there is a restriction to the field value I am not able to use the Created By field as one of its data elements. I have been looking around google to the past two days with no luck.

If you have any ideas/advice, please send them my way.

UPDATE: Another blogger, Paul Galvin, helped me figure out a solution to this. Check out his blog for the solution.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New Zealand's All Blacks Rugby Team Ritual

Arguably one of the best rugby teams in the world, the All Blacks show a bit of intimidation with an All Blacks HAKA ritual lead by team captain Tana Umaga.

View Video - SFW

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Developer's Utility Belt

This has to be one of the most complete lists of utilities for a developer I have ever seen. Nice Job Scott.


Technology Choice: Bleeding Edge, Cutting Edge or Proven

I engage in this sort of discussion so often with my clients. Clients hear buzz words and naturally gravitate towards the technology associated.

I have found that being honest with a client will develop more of a relationship than delivering a product based on their lack of understanding towards a technology and having said product fall short of expectations.

This article by Eli Robillard does a nice job summing up the use of Wiki, Database and SharePoint in the information storage category.

Internal Column Names in MOSS 2007

This is a good article outlining the need to know the internal name of a column in a SharePoint list. This info is invaluable when dealing with CAML.


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

MOSS 2007 End User Material from MSFT

This article was posted to the SharePoint Team blog a couple of days ago...

"These simple, easy-to-use customizable job aids were created by Microsoft's internal IT group to help employees get started with learning more about using a technology or product effectively, selecting the right product or service, or reviewing best practices."


Application Development on MOSS 2007 and WSS v3

Great article from Chris Johnson on Application development on MOSS 2007 and WSS V3 environment, the topics covered include:

  • Custom built Web Parts
  • A “_layouts” application (see below for what this is)
  • App built using User Controls & Son of SmartPart
  • ASPX single-page creation for inclusion in MOSS 2007

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Emoze Free Email Push Software for GMAIL!

Emoze has introduced what Windows Mobile 5.0 severly lacks...push email service for one of the internet's biggest email systems - GMAIL. This service, which is FREE by the way, should give BlackBerry heartburn if they can get some traction.
Emoze turns mobile phones and mobile devices in to fully functional personal communication devices with a single, simple and free download for the individual user. It delivers real-time, secure synchronization of emails, calendars, contacts and tasks - pushing data and updates to you anytime, anywhere. Emoze supports all popular email data sources (e.g. Lotus Notes and Domino Servers, Microsoft Outlook and Exchange, , PoP3 and Web-Access) and mobile device operating systems, and provides a simple user interface and high level security for emails and data.
Download Emoze Today Free!