Thursday, September 20, 2007

List Calculated Columns and Reserved Columns

I am in a bit of a MOSS 2007 research mode again. I have bee tasked with creating a report system that will keep track of when a senior official is on vacation or a business trip. Great - we found the Microsoft Attendance and Absence template and it basically has everything I need in it. But wait...The calendar view leaves something to be desired. We want to show the user - Leave type - and where to on the calendar.

My first thought was calculated field based on other columns in the list. We there is a restriction to the field value I am not able to use the Created By field as one of its data elements. I have been looking around google to the past two days with no luck.

If you have any ideas/advice, please send them my way.

UPDATE: Another blogger, Paul Galvin, helped me figure out a solution to this. Check out his blog for the solution.

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  1. Have the same problem. You can, however, use a sharepoint designer workflow:
    Create a blank column on the list
    create a workflow that will set the value of [blank column] to [Created by]
    Set the workflow to start whenever a an item is created.
    Now have your calculated column use the data in [blank column]