Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Free 3rd Party Web Parts

This is a great list of free 3rd party web parts: Free SharePoint Web Parts

Thanks Mark.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Question: Calculated Column using Lookup Column, Text Column and Me

So I posted this question in the SharePoint Developers newsgroup this morning and there has not been any activity on it. I thought I might post the question in my blog since, 1) it's my blog and 2) if an answer can be found, I will make sure to post an update here for others to have access to it. I may use one of my MSDN Incident cases that comes with MSDN Universal subs to see if MSFT can help.

We want to create a calculated column for a calendar that would look like this:

=CurrentUser (single line text colum with default value of [Me] + "-" +
Selected Value from Absence Type Dropdown - lookup from another list +
Selected Value from Location Dropdown - lookup from another list

We have been search high and low for a way to do this with no avail. Is
there a way you can retrieve the selected value of a dropdown for use in a
calculated field??


UPDATE: (08 OCT 2007, 0835) The consensus answer to my question was create an ItemAdded/Updated event handler. Check out my next post on the ins and outs of building and deploying event handlers that I have discovered.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Clicky - Web 2.0 Analytics Made Easy

I am really impressed with the functionality on this site. Clicky really accels in creating a usable UI for metrics. One of its very cool features is a Spy feature...you can view in almost realtime what people are clicking on in your site. Clicky's dashboard (your default view of the information) is customizable so you get just the information you need right away.

Clicky has both a javascript and non-javascript implementation making it extremely easy to install.

If you are in the market for a metrics tool for your blog or website, take a look at Clicky by clicking on the graphic below.

Link: Cool CAML Tool

Here is a link to CAML.Net on CodePlex. This is a great tool that really makes working with CAML much easier. Check it out.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Sync 2 Outlooks, WM5 Phone, and Google Calendars

I have been searching for a while for an application that would let me sync my Outlook calendar at home, my Exchange calendar at work, my google calendar and my phone. Today I found Scheduleworld.com and I have to say that their service, which is FREE, is my silver bullet.

Using SyncML, ScheduleWorld.com has let me keep all of my calendars synced up.

Go check them out. http://www.ScheduleWorld.com