Thursday, October 04, 2007

Question: Calculated Column using Lookup Column, Text Column and Me

So I posted this question in the SharePoint Developers newsgroup this morning and there has not been any activity on it. I thought I might post the question in my blog since, 1) it's my blog and 2) if an answer can be found, I will make sure to post an update here for others to have access to it. I may use one of my MSDN Incident cases that comes with MSDN Universal subs to see if MSFT can help.

We want to create a calculated column for a calendar that would look like this:

=CurrentUser (single line text colum with default value of [Me] + "-" +
Selected Value from Absence Type Dropdown - lookup from another list +
Selected Value from Location Dropdown - lookup from another list

We have been search high and low for a way to do this with no avail. Is
there a way you can retrieve the selected value of a dropdown for use in a
calculated field??


UPDATE: (08 OCT 2007, 0835) The consensus answer to my question was create an ItemAdded/Updated event handler. Check out my next post on the ins and outs of building and deploying event handlers that I have discovered.


  1. If you only need to view those values in the Display mode, a computed field may work for you. Otherwise the ItemAdded event is your best bet.

  2. How do I create a ItemAdded/Updated event handler?