Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Top 10 Reasons to Implement SharePoint 2007

SharePoint has become a major force in the portal market space. Here are my top 10 reasons for implementing SharePoint in the workplace.

10. Robust object model allows developers and admins to manage the system without a GUI.

9. Security Trimming - no need to worry about users clicking on links they do not have access
to. Sharepoint now hides links and content that users do not have access to.

8. Easy document management - with versioning and integration with the Office suite built in
SharePoint excels as a document management tool.

7. Mobile features - SharePoint takes mobile access to a new level providing out mobile users
with easier methods to access the information in our systems while on the road.

6. Searching Ability - Out of the box, SharePoint has created an extremely robust search
engine. With the added ability to create your own plug-ins for searching other types of
documents, SharePoint starts to really shine.

5. Access and use information from multiple sources - With the Business Data Catalog (BDC) SharePoint can easily access legacy systems (ERP, legacy apps, databases, etc.)for data. This helps companies paint a more complete picture for reporting.

4. Branding - SharePoint allows developers to apply custom master pages, page layouts and site navigation. This is an extremely important feature with companies creating a public web presence.

3. Zones - SharePoint can allow an internet site and an intranet site to access the same content database. Each zone defines its own authentication method, item security and search functionality by simply defining a new zone. A SharePoint installation can support up to 5 separate zones.

2. Cost - WSS v3 is free with Windows Server 2003. MOSS 2007 installation costs can vary but have been significantly lower than the Java-based competitors.

1. Scalability - SharePoint has improved by leaps and bounds since previous versions in the arena. With the ability to have n web front ends, query servers etc., SharePoint has show that it can scale out to support some of the largest installs anywhere.

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