Thursday, March 20, 2008

3/20/2008 Websites I am currently evaluating

So I am stuck in Phoenix, AZ overnight on business so i thought I would update my blog with the sites I am looking over.
10 JavaScript Effects to Boost Your Website’s Fanciness Factor

prototype Javascript Framework
FancyForms - form styling using mooTools - a javascript framework.

phatfusion image menus - a great looking menu system using mooTools as well.

This is LightBox on to display not only images, but other media as well.
SharePoint 2007
Add subsites and provide navigation functionality in MOSS 2007 - a code approach!

MOSS - Common Issue - events 5325, 4958, 6398 listed in the Event log and/or IIS MMC not responding

So I ran into an interesting problem in my MOSS development environment

Windows Server 2008 Resource Center for SharePoint Products and Technologies

Time-based Optimization

SQL Server Management Studio Standard Reports – Tasks
CodeProject Articles
Dynamically adjusting the size of a drop-down list and adding color to the back-ground and fore-ground of the list items

Access Form based SharePoint Site's Web Service

Exploring Lambda Expression in C#

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