Friday, August 01, 2008

Global.asax in VS.NET 2005 not allowing breakpoints

I have spent the last 2 days trouble shooting my VS.NET IDE. When I opened it up the other day my project was displaying strange errors in the global.asax. I searched Google and MSFT Support looking for why global might not debug but came up empty. Then I created a brand new website and added a global file through the IDE...same issue. I am thinking it is the IDE being flaky.
I opened a MSFT support case after uninstalling and reinstalling the IDE also did not help. 2 hours later, the MSFT tech still was not able to help me and escalated my issue to the next level. I am still waiting on that call. Being a bit persistent, I did not want to sit idle so this morning, with fresh eyes and a good deal of sleep under my belt, I resumed my quest for the answer.

FINALLY - THE ANSWER - I ran across an article on MSDN: Visual Studio 2005 IDE Tips and

devenv /resetuserdata

"You can use this switch to reset Visual Studio to its out-of-box state if Visual Studio ever runs into a damaged state that you cannot recover from. Examples of these problems may be a corrupted window layout file, corrupted menu customization file, or corrupted keyboard shortcuts file. Disclaimer: you will lose all your environment settings and customizations if you use this switch. It is for this reason that this switch is not officially supported and Microsoft does not advertise this switch to the public (you won't see this switch if you type devenv.exe /? in the command prompt). You should only use this switch as the last resort if you are experiencing an environment problem, and make sure you back up your environment settings by exporting them before using this switch."

And it is fixed! Now to convince MSFT to return my suppport incident since I figured it out before the tech did.

Below is a screen shot of what the issue looked like in a pristine web application.